2014-2015 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Nov 30, 2022  
2014-2015 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Architecture Faculty

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Bruce Abbey, Professor

B.Arch., Cornell University, 1966; M.Arch., Princeton University, 1971
Architectural design, architectural theory

Sarosh Anklesaria, Assistant Professor
M.Arch., Cornell University, 2011
Architectural design

Amber Bartosh, Assistant Professor
M.Arch II, Southern California Institute of Architecture, 2010; B.A., Rice University, 2000
Architectural Design and Technology

Jean-François Bédard, Associate Professor; Chair, Graduate Program
Ph.D., Columbia University, 2003
Architectural history

Larry Bowne, Associate Professor
M.Arch., Harvard University, 1992
Architectural Design

Lori Brown, Associate Professor
M.Arch., Princeton University, 1994
Architectural design, politics of spacial production, intersections between art and architectural practices

Theodore Brown, Professor
M.Arch., Princeton University, 1981
Architectural design, architectural theory

Angie Co, Assistant Professor
M.Arch, Columbia University, 2005; B.Arch, University of Pennsylvania, 2001
Architectural Design

Julia Czerniak, Professor
M. Arch., Princeton University, 1992
Architectural design, landscape architecture

Lawrence Davis, Associate Professor
M. Arch., Columbia University, 1988
Architectural design, Registered Architect in NY State, NCARB

Joseph Godlewski, Assistant Professor
M.Arch, University of California at Berkeley, 2009; B.Arch, Syracuse University, 2000
Architectural Design and History

Terrance Goode, Associate Professor
M. Arch., Princeton University, 1980
Architectural design

Susan Henderson, Professor; Honors Faculty
Ph.D., Columbia University, 1989
History of architecture

Roger Hubeli, Assistant Professor
Dipl. Arch. ETH Zurich Switzerland; CEPT School of Architecture, Ahmedabad India (Exchange Program)
Architectural Design and Technology

Lydia Kallipoliti, Assistant Professor
MA, Princeton University, 2007; SMArchS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004
Architectural Design and Theory

Elizabeth Kamell, Associate Professor
S.M. Arch. S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1996
Architectural design

Randall Korman, Professor
M.Arch., Harvard University, 1977
Architectural design

Bess Krietemeyer, Assistant Professor
MS, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2009; B.Arch, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2005
Architectural Design and Technology

Julie Larsen, Assistant Professor

Mark Linder, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University, 1998
Architectural design, architectural theory

Brian Lonsway, Associate Professor
M.Arch., Columbia University, 1995
Architectural design, cultural theory, computation

Jonathan Louie, Assistant Professor
M.Arch II, University of California, 2012; B.Arch, Syracuse University, 2007
Architectural Design

Ryan Ludwig, Assistant Professor
M.Arch. II, Harvard University, 2009
Architectural design

Sinéad Mac Namara, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Princeton University, 2006
Civil and environmental engineering

Arthur McDonald, Professor
B.Arch., Pratt Institute, 1963; M.Arch., Cornell University, 1972
Architectural and urban theory and design, urban housing, comprehensive design/technology studio

Kyle Miller, Assistant Professor
M.Arch, University of California, 2008; B.Arch, University of Michigan, 2004
Architectural Design

Anne Munly, Professor
M.Arch., Princeton University, 1980
Architectural design

Robert Petrie, Assistant Professor
M.Arch, Cornell University, 2004; B.Arch, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 1996
Architectural Design

Richard Rosa, Associate Professor; Coordinator, Florence Program
M.Arch., Harvard University, 1993
Architectural design

Francisco Sanin, Professor; Coordinator, London Program
Diploma, Universidad Pontifica Bolivariana (Colombia), 1979
Architectural design, urban design

Yutaka Sho, Assistant Professor
M.Arch., Harvard University, 2005
Architectural design

Edward Sichta, Associate Professor
M.F.A., Syracuse University, 1969
Drawing and visual design

Michael Speaks, Professor, Dean
B.A. University of Mississippi, Ph.D. Duke University

Timothy Stenson, Associate Professor; Chair, Undergraduate Program
M.Arch., University of Virginia, 1988
Architectural design, technology, low-energy building research

Robert Svetz, Assistant Professor
M.Arch. II, Yale University, 2002
Architectural design, technology