2021-2022 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Mar 27, 2023  
2021-2022 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

University College

Michael J. Frasciello, Dean
700 University Ave.

About the College

University College, is the home of part-time and professional studies at Syracuse University. University College degrees and certificates can be completed online or through online/on-campus study. Part-time undergraduate and graduate students attending Syracuse University schools and colleges are supported by University College academic administrative services. University College also offers unique and innovate summer programs for high school students, and language development programs for matriculated and non-matriculated international students.


Our Mission

The mission of University College is to deliver exceptional support and services to a diverse part-time student population seeking a Syracuse University education. To be an innovator of market-sensitive professional degrees, non-credit programs, and executive education. To act as a connector and catalyst for excellence among the schools and colleges within Syracuse University.

General Regulations 

For academic rules and regulations applying to all University students, see the Academic Rules section of this catalog, which also contains special regulations that apply to University College students. The regulations below apply to all students matriculated through University College for the Bachelor of Professional Studies degrees, certificates, and minors.

University College participates in students’ knowledge and skill development through the Shared Competencies, Syracuse University’s institutional learning goals that highlight the knowledge and skills students can expect to gain through their major courses and liberal arts requirements.

Part-Time Graduate Education at UC

If you would like to pursue a graduate degree but are unsure of the area of study, meet with a UC academic advisor to get an overview of SU programs. You will then be referred to the appropriate academic department. If you want to take SU graduate courses as a non-matriculated graduate student, you must enroll through UC.

Important Note for Non-matriculated Graduate Students

The SU Graduate School’s regulations strongly encourage anyone enrolling at the graduate level to take no more than two courses (six credits) before being admitted to a graduate program of study. There are limitations on credits completed on a non-matriculated basis that may later be applied toward a specific graduate program. Students should consult the specific academic department. If you are about to enroll for courses that will take you beyond an accumulated total of 12 graduate credits (four three-credit courses), you should (1) take immediate steps to become a matriculated degree candidate, and (2) secure written permission from the appropriate academic department to continue to take its graduate courses as a non-matriculated student.

For an application for graduate study, call 315-443-4492 or visit the web site.

English Language Institute

David Lind, Director
700 University Avenue, Suite 207

English Language Institute (ELI) courses are designed for international students and professionals who are interested in short-term or long-term study to improve their English skills. This full-time intensive program is offered through University College. Five levels of Academic English courses are offered. Many of the students have been conditionally admitted to Syracuse University and need to increase their English proficiency before enrolling in a degree program. Completion of the level 4 (high intermediate) course will waive the university’s TOEFL requirement for most undergraduate and some graduate programs.

Courses of varying length can be designed for individuals or groups with specific needs and disciplines (e.g., architecture, business, engineering, etc.). The English for Lawyers program, offered every summer, is an example of this type of specialization where students can prepare before starting in an LL.M. (Master of Laws) program at an American university. The ELI also offers English for Architects and English for Information Professionals for students who will be pursuing a Masters’ degree in those areas at Syracuse University.

Highly qualified instructors, a great deal of personal attention, and intensive exposure to English language instruction enable students to make the necessary progress. Enrollment is limited and admission is by application only. For more information about the ELI, call 315-443-8571, email elimail@syr.edu, or visit the website at eli.syr.edu.

University College Honors

University College celebrates the accomplishments of those students who achieve extraordinary success in their studies with the following forms of recognition.

Dean’s List - Matriculated part-time students enrolled at University College are selected for the dean’s list at the end of the fall or spring semester, if they have enrolled in consecutive semesters with a total of 12 or more credits and earned a 3.4 GPA.

University Honors - Students who achieve superior cumulative GPAs are eligible to receive their degree with University Honors. This honor is based on a minimum of 60 credits of letter-graded classes taken at Syracuse University.

See the current issue of Academic Rules  for a complete statement of University policies and requirements.