2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

School of Social Work

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Carrie Jefferson Smith, Director
244 White Hall
Nadaya Brantley, Undergraduate Program Director
School of Social Work
244F White Hall
Tracy Walker, Director of Education
244D White Hall


Nadaya Brantley, Maria Brown, Steven Bush, Kenneth N. Corvo, Kendra DeLoach McCutcheon, Jennifer Genovese, Ting Guan, Ryan Heath, Eric Kingson, Kenneth Marfilius, Tracey Musarra Marchese, Fei Pei, Stephanie Pilkay, Carrie Jefferson Smith, Joseph L. Smith, Yvonne Smith, Matthew Spitzmueller, Xiafei Wang


Kristin Esposito, Assistant MSW Online Field Director
Adrienne Renfroe, Coordinator of Graduate Admissions, Recruitment, Students Services
Karen Goebel, Office Coordinator
Heather Mauro, Internship Placement Coordinator
Peter Ashworth, Internship Placement Coordinator
Loren Cunningham, Internship Placement Coordinator
Andrea Aldrich, Internship Placement Coordinator
Jennifer Coughlin, Program Manager/Internship Placement Coordinator

Social Work, BS

The undergraduate professional social work program offers a Bachelor of Science degree. The goals of this program, in order of priority, are as follows:

To prepare undergraduate students for competent and effective generalist professional practice by developing the requisite social work knowledge, values, and skills, and
To prepare undergraduate students for continuing professional education and/or graduate education.

The social work program is based on the concept of ecological systems, which maintains that the fundamental focus of social work practice is on the transactions of people and their environments, and on the constant state of reciprocity in which each shapes the other. Social work intervention aims to promote the progressive forces and minimize the regressive forces in those transactions. The curriculum incorporates instruction in five professional foundation areas: social welfare policy and services, human behavior in the social environment, research, social work practice, and field practicum. Instruction in these areas builds upon a carefully chosen and strong liberal arts preparation in the humanities, the social and behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences taken within the College of Arts and Sciences .

The program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Social Justice Minor

Nadaya Brantley, Undergraduate Program Director
School of Social Work
244F White Hall

Students pursuing majors in other areas of study may choose a social justice minor. The minor program requires the completion of 18 credits.

To declare a social justice minor:

  1. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5
  2. Submit  Declaration of Minor to the social justice minor program coordinator, their faculty advisors, and the dean’s office of their home colleges.
  3. Submit a Social Justice Minor Interest form to the SWK office coordinator.
  4. A limit of 3 transfer credits may be applied with permission.

Please visit the social work webpage for additional information.



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