2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Department of Film and Media Arts


Susannah Sayler, Interim Chair
102 Shaffer Art Building, 315-443-1033

The Department of Film and Media Arts trains professional artists for the 21st century. Our nationally ranked programs are led by award-winning faculty who realize that contemporary artists require broad and deep exposure to a more diverse set of skills and ideas than standard art training has traditionally provided. As the boundaries between sophisticated commercial and fine art become increasingly blurred, Film and Media Arts has designed a curriculum that promotes the necessary conceptual and practical tools to produce vibrant and original creative work regardless of context. All of the Film and Media Arts programs combine technical, critical and historical expertise to create dynamic experiences for students.  Faculty encourage students to exhibit work on and off campus, in venues like the SU Art Galleries, Syracuse University Library’s Special Collections Resource Center, LightWork, the Community Folk Art Center and Everson Museum, In addition to regular one-on-one interaction with Film and Media Arts faculty (professional artists with work in major museums, exhibitions, performances and screenings) students also meet with an extensive group of visiting artists. Both faculty and students are actively involved in the Syracuse community, organizing screenings, film festivals, and exhibitions.
Because media art is increasingly a global practice, numerous opportunities for students to study abroad have been created in London, Florence, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Santiago, Prague and World Partners. Contact Syracuse Abroad at 315-443-3471, or online at suabroad.syr.edu for details about the programs. Students who elect to spend a semester abroad may find that some program adjustments are necessary. Students should discuss these opportunities well in advance with their academic advisors and contact the Office of Academic and Career Advising, 200 Crouse College, 315-443-2517.