2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 19, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts and Sciences/Music, BA

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Program contact:

Theodore Cateforis, Director of Undergraduate Studies for Music History and Cultures, Department of Art and Music Histories, 308 Bowne Hall, 315-443-4835

Arts and Sciences faculty:

See faculty listings under individual programs.

Music faculty:

See “Faculty, College of Visual and Performing Arts , School of Music”

This special options degree program provides the opportunity to combine any degree in the College of Arts and Sciences with advanced studies in music performance or music composition-studies that will be taken primarily in the Setnor School of Music. To be admitted to the special options degree program, students in the College of Arts and Sciences apply through the Department of Art and Music Histories before the beginning of the sophomore year. Prospective students for the music performance and music composition degree options must meet admissions requirements administered by the Setnor School of Music.

The degree awarded after completing undergraduate studies is a B.A. in the arts and sciences major with the supplementary designation, “with advanced studies in music performance/composition” (depending on the particular degree option). The degree is singly awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences. Completion of the major does not result in any professional or artistic certification by the Setnor School of Music or the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Lower-Division Requirements

Students in the special options degree program in arts and sciences/music are required to complete the Liberal Arts Core Curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences in their first and sophomore years (normally 54-60 credits). In addition, students must fulfill the following requirements:

Music Skills (up to 6 credits required)

Students must acquire competency in basic music theory by completing MTC 145 /MTC 146  with a grade of C or above.

Introduction to Music history in its social and cultural contexts (6 credits).

Advanced Studies in Music and Upper-Division Requirements

At the upper-division level, students pursue an arts and sciences degree (normally 30 credits) along with advanced studies in music performance, music industry, or music composition (26-30 credits).

Students should note that certain upper-division courses require MTC 245 , MTC 246  as a prerequisite. Students who wish to take these courses should begin their music theory sequence with MTC 145 , MTC 146 .

Additional Credits

Students will continue their advanced studies in music by earning 15-19 additional credits in either a music performance or music composition concentration. Other types of music concentrations are also possible with approval by the Setnor School of Music faculty and may be undertaken only under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Performing Ensemble

In addition to the requirements below, students must participate in a Syracuse University performing ensemble for at least 6 semesters.

Music Performance (17 credits)

Private Lessons in Principal Performance

Six semesters of private lessons in principal performance (1 credit each; 6 credits total).

Extended Lessons

Extended lessons (2 credits each) are optional and may be taken only with approval.

Basic Conducting

Basic Conducting (2 credits)

Three courses from the following


A performance of at least 10 minutes in the senior year either in Music Convocation or another appropriate venue.

Music Composition (17-19 credits)

Four semesters of composition

(1 credit each; 4 credits total)

European and American Music Since 1945

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