2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Latino-Latin American Studies, BA

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Myrna Garcia, Director
310 H.B.C.


Doug Armstrong, Hans Buechler, Gail Bulman, John Burdick, Horace Campbell, AH Peter Castro, Matt Cleary, Francine D’Amico, Pedro DiPietro, Kwame Dixon, Kathryn Everly, Stephanie Fetta, Alejandro Garcia, Bea Gonzalez, Martha Hanson, Dennis Harrod, Sydney Hutchinson, Amy Lutz, Gladys McCormick, Aja Martinez, Roberto Moreno, Arthur Paris, Jane Read, Alicia Rios, David Robinson, Silvio Torres-Saillant, Will Scheibel, Jamie Winder

The Latino-Latin American Studies program of the College of Arts and Sciences leads to the B.A. degree and embraces an interdisciplinary approach to culture, development, resources, history, and societies of these critical regions and their peoples. This recently modified and innovative program is designed to promote awareness and understanding of the many issues faced by the Latino and Latin American peoples of the western hemisphere. A wide range of faculty from several departments and with complementary perspectives provide a stimulating entry into the interrelated worlds of Latino America and Latin America.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate a general and concentrated knowledge of Latin American and Latino history, literature, culture, and politics from an interdisciplinary perspective

2. Develop disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth of knowledge of Latin America and the Latina/o communities and cultures based on coursework taken as undergraduates

3. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationships (social, political, economic) between the United States and Latin America and understand the ways in which Latin Americans, including Latino/as in the United States, have influenced different aspects of American society and culture

4. Demonstrate the ability to communicate an argument in written and oral form based on Latin America or Latino topics

5. Identify the major discussions in historical and cultural fields of study, including gender analysis, the experiences of subaltern peoples, and cultural approaches to historical questions, as well as more traditional forms of economic and political history

6. Recognize, interpret and summarize the most important literary, linguistic and cultural developments and discussions in the field

7. Gain a broad grasp of the culture, history, and current issues that define the Latin American and the Latina/o perspectives

8. Determine the relationship between the United States and Latin America. Understand the ways in which Latin Americans, including Latino/as in the United States, have influenced different aspects of American society and culture

9. Demonstrate the ability to communicate, in writing, a synthesis of the acquired knowledge through a variety of written exercises

Major Requirements

Students are required to take 30 credits of coursework, 24 of which are in courses numbered above 299. Courses should be selected from the following list in consultation with the advisor. Additional courses in African American Studies, Anthropology, English and Textual Studies, History, History of Art, History of Music, Geography, Political Sciences, Spanish, Women and Gender Studies and Writing Studies, Writing and Composition are recommended and may be petitioned for LAS credit in consultation with the program director. Many courses in the SU Santiago program have LAS prefixes and also count towards the major.


Additional Information

Additional courses may be petitioned with approval of advisor.

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