2020-2021 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2020-2021 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Infrastructure Management and Leadership, CAS

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Margaret Lane Assistant Director, Executive Education
219 Maxwell Hall 315-443-8708 melane02@maxwell.syr.edu
Andria Costello Staniec
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
151 Link Hall
315.443.1057 costello@syr.edu

Program Description

The College of Engineering and Computer Science (ECS), in collaboration with the Department of Public Administration and International Affairs (PA IA) and the Executive Education Program (Exec Ed) within the Maxwell School (Maxwell) at Syracuse University have created a joint 15-credit certificate program entitled the Joint Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Infrastructure Management and Leadership (CAS-PIML). This certificate program is geared towards mid-career professionals who are interested in building on their body of experience and expanding their skills and knowledge in infrastructure planning, engineering, management and administration through course work that is relevant to their knowledge, interests, and needs.

The CAS-PIML will deliver a certificate to students in both ECS and Maxwell that addresses the planning, design, construction, maintenance, security, capital and operating budgets, environmental and social sustainability impacts and public policy considerations, of public infrastructure. Students will develop skills and knowledge that will assure awareness and competency for functional, financial, environmental and social sustainability concerns of our public infrastructure. In this context, public infrastructure is broadly defined as physical service systems, i.e. water, storm water and waste water systems, transportation, electrical power distribution and telecommunications. The certificate program will be enhanced by on-going speaker programs, executive workshops, and seminars. It will be open to students in both colleges. Applications from students seeking only this certificate will also be considered. The application process will be administered by the Executive Education Program of the Maxwell School.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Explain and assess leadership and managerial theories, skills, and competencies. 

2. Demonstrate the ability to prepare and analyze flexible budgets.

3. Develop skills in infrastructure planning.

4. Become responsible, thoughtful, and qualified leaders in the area of infrastructure asset management.

5. Select and evaluate performance measures for public infrastructure.

6. Identify principal engineering design considerations for major infrastructure projects.

7. Assess the major environmental and social impacts of infrastructure projects.

Certificate Requirement

The CAS-PIML will allow mid-career students interested in Public Infrastructure Management an opportunity to complete a 15-credit program, capitalizing on the numerous strengths within ECS, combined with the PAIA and Executive Education programs within the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. In the program, they will combine multi-disciplinary academic coursework with the real-world strategy and problem-solving skills necessary for today’s leaders in complex public administration and utility environments. The degree program will integrate core courses with a career-track elective to provide a solid, yet dynamic and pertinent foundation for advanced studies in the technical and practical challenges of the development and oversight of public infrastructure - including water and wastewater systems, transportation, communications and power.

Career Elective (3 credits):

One course selected from the list below, or approved by the program director

Total Credits: 15

Total 15 credits leading to a Certificate of Advanced Study in Public Infrastructure Management and Leadership

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