2020-2021 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 23, 2024  
2020-2021 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Museum Studies, MA

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Andrew J. Saluti, Program Coordinator

101 Nancy Cantor Warehouse 315-443-2455, ajsaluti@syr.edu


Emily Dittman, Sebastian Modrow, Dylan Otts, Andrew Saluti, Emily Stokes-Rees


The Master of Arts in museum studies prepares individuals to enter the museum profession through a course of study leading to the M.A. degree. The curriculum is grounded in research, scholarship, design, and practice. At the center of the program is the belief that the museum professional serves as the liaison between the viewing public and the museum object. Furthermore, the program is structured in a manner that enables our students to develop an understanding of the relationship between theory and practice. The Syracuse University Art Galleries, the Special Collections Research Center, and the Sue and Leon Genet Gallery provide major on-campus settings for education and training, which is enhanced with projects at different off-campus venues around the city and the region. Students gain additional training and experience through internships at museums and cultural institutions throughout the United States and abroad. We strongly believe that this combination of academic and professional training prepares our students for their chosen fields and sustains them throughout their careers. An important aspect of the program is the availability of courses in a wide variety of related departments and fields, including Art History, Anthropology, Information Studies, Transmedia, Studio Art, Education, and Communications, among others. A significant number of students pursue concurrent or sequential degrees in such fields as art history, anthropology, arts leadership, and information studies. However, matriculated status in the graduate program in museum studies does not guarantee admission to other graduate programs. Students also have opportunities to study away from Syracuse by taking courses in New York City, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, where they visit significant museums, galleries, and contemporary studios to hear from prominent artists, curators, and gallery owners, many of whom are accomplished SU alumni. In addition to academic faculty, the program includes courses taught by working professionals from the University and the local museum community. Faculty and staff organize many field trips to museums and conferences, and also bring professionals to campus as visiting speakers.


Applicants must have at least a 3.35 average (4.0=A) in the major field and an overall average of no less than 3.0. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is highly recommended. (Graduate students from non-visual arts disciplines who are seeking concurrent degrees are encouraged to discuss their backgrounds and their programs of study with the graduate director.)

The M.A. degree requires a minimum one-year residency and 33 credits, 27 of which must be in museum studies. Students must pass a comprehensive examination in order to graduate.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Analyze the historic and contemporary roles of museums in global society and culture

2. Apply appropriate museum policies, procedures, and ethical standards to their work

3. Demonstrate competency in visual communication and presentation via a range of appropriate tools and technologies used by museum and gallery professionals

4. Describe the complex and evolving roles practitioners play in today’s museums and other cultural and heritage organizations

5. Model skills in effective communication for professional practice in a museum environment to engage a variety of audiences

6. Design and install to accepted professional standards for museums and galleries

7. Demonstrate museum-related skills effectively in a professional environment

Program Requirements

Total Credits Required: 33

Degree Awarded: MA in Museum Studies

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