2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History of Architecture, BA

Wayne Franits, Chair
308 Bowne Hall
Matilde Mateo, Undergraduate Director
Suite 308 Bowne Hall


Jean-François Bédard, Lawrence Chua, Susan Henderson, Matilde Mateo, Romita Ray

The major in History of Architecture explores the history of styles and monuments. It also provides you with a rich and nuanced understanding of how humanity has interacted with the environment by constructing buildings and cities and by transforming the landscape, under different social, political, technological and economic circumstances. The research and teaching specialties of the history of architecture faculty include Islamic architecture, architecture of the Middle Ages, sixteenth-century Italian architecture, sixteenth to eighteenth century French architecture, American architecture, Medievalism, and South and East Asian architecture.

Students have the exciting opportunity to complete the BA in History of Architecture and a minor in Architecture at the School of Architecture. 

Majors in the History of Architecture are also encouraged to take a foreign language and to study abroad, especially in London and Florence.

For all Arts and Sciences|Maxwell students, successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in this major requires a minimum of 120 credits, 96 of which must be Arts and Sciences|Maxwell credits, completion of the Liberal Arts Core requirements, and the requirements for this major that are listed below.

Dual Enrollments:

Students dually enrolled in Newhouse* and Arts and Sciences|Maxwell will complete a minimum of 122 credits, with at least 90 credits in Arts and Sciences|Maxwell coursework and an Arts and Sciences|Maxwell major.

*Students dually enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences|Maxwell as first year students must complete the Liberal Arts Core. Students who transfer to the dual program after their first year as singly enrolled students in the Newhouse School will satisfy general requirements for the dual degree program by completing the Newhouse Core Requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Identify architects, architectural theorists, buildings, urban and landscape designs, styles, typologies, and technologies developed in the built environment, from different geographical areas, periods, and traditions.

2. Analyze the built environment and its representations through close observation using appropriate architectural vocabulary, conceptual frames, and methodologies specific to the history of architecture.

3. Explain the relationships between the built environment and the religious beliefs, political ideologies, social structures, and economic and technological development of the societies that created them.

4. Carry out research to identify reliable scholarly literature and visual and written documentation in archives, libraries, and databases.

5. Develop new interpretations about the built environment supported by persuasive arguments, solid evidence, and synthesized information.

6. Communicate complex and nuanced ideas about the built environment in writing, discussions, and public presentations, with the aid of images and current technology.

Major Requirements

To fulfill the requirements of the Major in History of Architecture, students must complete 30 credits of course work distributed in the following way:

AND 24 additional credits of upper-division HOA or/and ARC courses on history of architecture numbered 300 and above from these lists:

In addition:

Students can have up to 6 credits count towards the major from any combination of these courses.