2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication and Rhetorical Studies, BS


Rachel Hall, Interim Chair
100 Sims Hall, 315-443-5133


James A. Dunagan, Jake Giovanini, Gratch, Lynn Greenky, Diane Grimes, Rachel Hall, Anne Jakowenko, Amos Kiewe, Laura McArdle, Charles E. Morris III, Christopher Perrello, Kendall Phillips,  Erin Rand, Amardo Rodriguez, Keven James Rudrow, Sylvia Sierra, Jennifer Stromer-Galley


This program allows students to integrate their individual professional interests with a thorough background in communication and rhetorical studies and a selection of arts and sciences courses.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate effective and mindful listening practices in a variety of communicative contexts [Listening]

2. Ethically and effectively engage an audience through a variety of media [Performance]

3. Produce persuasive arguments on issues of contemporary concern adaptable to diverse audiences [Advocacy]

4. Describe and evaluate key communication theories [Theory]

5. Analyze communicative acts [Analysis and Criticism]

6. Recognize, analyze, and critique diversity and systems of power as manifest in self, other, and society, locally and globally [Diversity]

7. Design, execute, and write an original research project [Research]

Program Requirements

Students must complete a total of 120 credits. Of these, 37 credits must be in communication and rhetorical studies. Students must also take 54 credits in arts and sciences, including 6 credits in writing (English); 6 credits in the natural sciences and mathematics; 6 credits in the social sciences; 6 credits in the humanities, including language proficiency at a 102 level (American Sign Language will fulfill this requirement) and 30 credits in areas supporting their studies in communication. 

FYS 101 - First Year Seminar  is a required 1-credit general elective course for all CRS majors.  

IDEA is a 3-credit general elective course required for all CRS majors.  The IDEA requirement is one course in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility from a select, approved list .  

Academic Electives: 77 credits

A&S Electives (x10) 3 credits each

Humanities (3 credits)

Foreign Language (3 credits)

Natural Science (x2) 3 credits each

Social Science (x2) 3 credits each

General Electives (x10) 3 credits each


As of the academic year 2005-06, all communication and rhetorical studies majors who also pursue a second major, an additional minor, or attend one of the SU Abroad centers for a semester, are allowed to enroll in up to 57 credits in non-arts-and-sciences courses. This modification means that communication and rhetorical studies majors who fall under one or more of the above categories (double major, minor, or SU Abroad) are no longer required to pursue 54 credits in arts and sciences courses but are given greater flexibility in taking more non-arts-and-sciences courses. Please note that the current requirements, including two writing courses, two humanities courses, two science courses, two social science courses, and a language proficiency at the 102 level (for a total of 27 credits), remain intact.

Total Credits Required: 120

Degree Awarded: BS in Communication and Rhetorical Studies