2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Studio Arts, BS

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Joanna Spitzner, Program Coordinator

131 Comstock Art Facility, 315-443-3700, jspitzne@syr.edu


Deborah Dohne, Susan D’Amato, Juan Juarez, Chris Wildrick, Joanna Spitzner, Yvonne Buchanan, Errol Willett, Peter Beasecker, Margie Hughto, Holly Greenberg, Dusty Herbig, Jude Lewis, Sam Van Aken, Robert Wysocki, Ann Clarke, Sarah McCoubrey, Sharif Bey, Marilyn Koch


The Bachelor of Science in Studio Arts is designed for the student pursuing an intensive studio

art experience alongside another field/s of academic study. With 50% of coursework taking place in the Studio Art major and the remaining credits used to pursue another or multiple other degrees. Focused on the development of interdisciplinary practices that integrate studio art and additional academic disciplines, this degree is designed for the artist and entrepreneur who will create the unanticipated art forms and cultural phenomena that cannot be anticipated by traditional arts education. Often students have a strong interest in combining their art practice with academic subjects such as Psychology, History, Politics, Business etc.; and who want to pursue a career as a professional artist or entrepreneur utilizing both creative and academic fields.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Develop a coherent art practice that demonstrates a thorough understanding of the materials, processes, and concepts relevant to your work.

2. Apply creative thinking skills to develop and solve problems within your work. 

3. Use research skills to develop and articulate an understanding of contemporary art, art history, and visual culture, as they relate to your art practice. 

4. Demonstrate critical thinking and communication skills to meaningfully critique both your own and others’ work.

Program Requirements


ARI 101 - First-year Studio I AIC 101 Arts in Context I

AIC 102 Arts in Context II

ARI 101 - First-year Studio I

ARI 102 - First-year Studio II

Six 1-credit ARL workshops, selected from a list offered in the fall and spring of the student’s first year (3 workshops in the fall, 3 in the spring).

ARI 201 - Second-Year Studio I 

ARI 202 - Second Year Studio II 

ARI 301 - Third Year Studio I 

ARI 302 - Third Year Studio II 

ARI 497 - Art Practices: Capstone 1 

ARI 498 - Art Practices: Capstone II 

ARL 150 - Woodshop Art Lab I 

ARL 131 - Observational Drawing Workshop


Through the art intensives, students have the opportunity to choose to focus within one of the traditional media or pursue an interdisciplinary practice that incorporates various mediums, methods, and approaches guided by mentorship and extensive advising.


WRT 105   Writing Studio 1

WRT 205   Writing Studio 2

Liberal Arts & Sciences Electives (42 credits/Academic Electives (2 credits)*

Academic electives are most courses offered outside of art, design, or transmedia (for example, courses offered in CRS, Arts and Sciences, Whitman, and other colleges outside of VPA). These academic courses usually have non-art-related content, such as math, natural sciences, astronomy, global history, political science, psychology, and entrepreneurship, and languages, among others. You can find a comprehensive list of approved academic electives here.

*The required 44 credits should consist of Liberal Arts & Sciences Electives (42 credits), and Academic Electives (2 credits).


Studio electives are courses usually offered in VPA through art, design, or transmedia.  The content of the courses directly relates to the preparation of students for professional careers in art, design, and transmedia. The course content includes, but is not limited to, conceptualization, process, product, and critique of creative work in studio practice. These courses meet for a much longer time, for a minimum of four hours per week for the duration of the semester. Usual meeting patterns are: the class meets once per week for four+ hours, or the class meets twice per week, usually for two or more hours each. You can find a comprehensive list of courses that count as studio electives here.


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