2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Atrocity Studies and the Practices of Social Justice Minor


Julia M. White
Teaching and Leadership


The Atrocity Studies and Practices of Social Justice Minor provides a broad interdisciplinary approach to an understanding of the Holocaust (which was the foundation of international treaties and conventions and the event that defined the word genocide), other genocides / atrocities that took place before and after the Holocaust, issues of social justice and violations of human rights, and efforts to confront the past and transform the future. It addresses a central tenet of education: What does it mean to be a responsible citizen in a democratic society?


The minor will help students realize that:

• Democratic institutions and values are not automatically sustained but need to be appreciated, nurtured, and protected.

• Silence and indifference to the suffering of others, or to the infringement of human and civil rights in any society-however unintentionally-serve not only to perpetrate the problems but also often to intensify them.

• Genocides/atrocities and human rights violations occur because individuals, organizations and governments make choices that not only legalize discrimination, but also allow prejudice, hatred and ultimately mass murder to occur.

• Individuals and groups can practice and work towards social justice in society and the world.

Admission to the minor requires a 2.8 cumulative grade point average.  The minor requires 18 credits, as explained below.   At least 12 of the 18 credits must be upper division (300 level or above).  Students should become familiar with their college’s rules about double counting courses for more than one minor, and/or for a major and minor, and should carefully plan out how courses will fit with their primary major. Courses must be approved by the minor coordinator. Appropriate courses will be added to the lists below as they occur.


Program Requirements

Required course on the Holocaust

Atrocities/genocides related courses

Complete one course (3 credits) from the following list

Challenging dehumanization courses

Complete 2 courses (6 credits) from the following list.

Practice of Social Justice Internship or Capstone Project

Complete an appropriate internship or capstone project approved by the minor coordinator, using one of the following course numbers (3 credits):