2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jun 25, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Management & Public Health, BS Dual

The dual Bachelor of Science degree program between the Whitman School of Management and Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamic allows students to complete the requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in a Management program and the Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health (healthcare management concentration) in 4 years.

This dual major requires completion of a minimum of 152-credits The liberal arts requirement is shared, while students complete the core requirements for the management and public health degrees. A minimum of 50% for each degree is comprised of liberal arts credit.

The program is designed to maintain the standards required by NYSED and Whitman’s accrediting body, AACSB, as well as Public Health's accrediting body, CEPH. 

Students enrolled in this program will graduate with any one of Whitman’s ten majors and Falk College’s major in Public Health, Healthcare management concentration (only). Students will be dually enrolled in both colleges, with Whitman being the home college.  Admission will be through Whitman and the degree is certified by both Colleges.  Academic advising is provided by both Schools (by faculty in public health and a professional advisor in Whitman).  Students should work closely with their academic advisors for each program to ensure that all requirements are met for both programs.


Whitman Contact: Lindsay Quilty, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Falk/Public Health Contact:  Maureen Thompson, Undergraduate Director & Associate Professor