2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

French and Francophone Studies, BA

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Amy Wyngaard
Professor of French
314 H.B. Crouse


Jean Jonassaint, Amy S. Wyngaard


For all Arts and Sciences|Maxwell students, successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in this major requires a minimum of 120 credits, 96 of which must be Arts and Sciences|Maxwell credits, completion of the Liberal Arts Core requirements, and the requirements for this major that are listed below.

Dual Enrollments:

Students dually enrolled in Newhouse* and Arts and Sciences|Maxwell will complete a minimum of 122 credits, with at least 90 credits in Arts and Sciences|Maxwell coursework and an Arts and Sciences|Maxwell major.

*Students dually enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences|Maxwell as first year students must complete the Liberal Arts Core. Students who transfer to the dual program after their first year as singly enrolled students in the Newhouse School will satisfy general requirements for the dual degree program by completing the Newhouse Core Requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Listen to and interpret a variety of familiar or specialized topics in French in diverse settings, ranging from cultural manifestations to interpersonal and academic communications

2. Speak in French on a variety of familiar or specialized topics, in informal or formal manners

3. Read and interpret a variety of familiar or specialized texts in French, ranging from short articles to books

4. Write in French on a variety of familiar or specialized topics, in informal or formal manners

5. Demonstrate effective knowledge of French and Francophone literatures and cultural traditions

Major Requirements

The major in French and Francophone Studies consists of FRE 202  plus 27 upper-division credits taught in French. Students must complete at least 21 credits in upper-division FRE courses. At least 6 credits of 300-level FRE courses must be taken before entering any 400-level FRE course. At least 12 credits of 400-level FRE courses are required for the major. Up to 6 upper-division credits may be taken outside of the French and Francophone Studies program in courses on related French or Francophone topics, with prior approval of the major advisor.

Study Abroad

To become fluent in French and gain insight into a Francophone country and its people, students are encouraged to study abroad for a semester or a year in Syracuse’s program in Strasbourg, France. Students take fully accredited courses abroad in language, literature, fine arts, history, political science, and other approved areas of study. In Option I, courses are taught at the Syracuse University center in both English and French. In Option II, students study at the Institute International d’Etudes Françaises, part of the Université Marc Bloch. In Option III students are directly placed at the Université Marc Bloch and Université Robert Schuman. For further information, contact the French program coordinator or Syracuse University Abroad, 106 Walnut Place.

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