2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Selected Studies in Arts and Sciences, BA

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A&S Advising
342 Hall of Languages

The Selected Studies Program offers the student an opportunity to develop a highly individualized curricular plan. This program, which can lead to the B.A. or the B.S. degree, is intended to meet individual needs. It provides considerable freedom in curricular planning, but also requires greatly increased responsibility on the part of the student.

Each student in the Selected Studies Program develops a four-year program of study based on academic goals. He or she is assisted by a faculty advisor who helps to formulate an academically sound curriculum.


Each Selected Studies Program provides for a total of at least 120 credits. Among the courses taken outside of the College of Arts and Sciences, no more than 24 credits may be taken in any one school or college of the University.

Proposals should avoid overspecialization. Proposals that seem to aim at narrow vocational training are likely to be rejected. Students whose applications indicate that they can best be served by a traditional major are likely to be rejected and referred to the appropriate department.

The B.A. in Selected Studies includes at least 90 credits of arts and sciences courses and a minimum of 60 credits in courses numbered at the 300-level or higher (upper division).

For all Arts and Sciences|Maxwell students, successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in this major requires a minimum of 120 credits, 96 of which must be Arts and Sciences|Maxwell credits, completion of the Liberal Arts Core requirements, and the requirements for this major that are listed below.

Dual Enrollments:

Students dually enrolled in Newhouse* and Arts and Sciences|Maxwell will complete a minimum of 122 credits, with at least 90 credits in Arts and Sciences|Maxwell coursework and an Arts and Sciences|Maxwell major.

*Students dually enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences|Maxwell as first year students must complete the Liberal Arts Core. Students who transfer to the dual program after their first year as singly enrolled students in the Newhouse School will satisfy general requirements for the dual degree program by completing the Newhouse Core Requirements.


Any student in good academic standing in the College of Arts and Sciences; with a GPA of 2.5; and with 30 credits of completed graded coursework taken at Syracuse University may apply for admission to the Selected Studies Program, subject to the following considerations:

  1. Students are permitted to participate in the Selected Studies Program only after they have completed two semesters at Syracuse, but program proposals may be submitted for review at any time before the end of the junior year.
  2. To assure timely approval, the student should submit the proposal to the Director of Advising and Academic Support at least 60 days before the registration period for the program’s first semester.
  3. A student cannot be admitted to the Selected Studies program later than the second semester of the junior year.


Students who wish to participate in the Selected Studies program should consult Advising and Academic Support, 342 Hall of Languages, for a complete statement of procedures and requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

The selected studies BA and BS programs are highly individualized. Learning outcomes are negotiated between the individual student and sponsoring faculty. For more information please contact the College or Arts and Sciences

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