2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Spanish Language, Literature and Culture, BA

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Kathryn Everly
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics
329 HB Crouse


Gail Bulman, Kathryn Everly, Myrna García-Calderón, Elizabeth Juárez-Cummings, Ana Méndez-Oliver, Catherine Nock, Alicia Ríos, María Emma Ticio Quesada

The B.A. in Spanish language, literature, and culture offers cross-disciplinary exposure to the various literary genres and linguistic analyses of Spanish, South American, Central American, Caribbean, and Latinx cultures. The language and history of the regions encourage students to formulate diverse theoretical models and cultural perspectives, which may be applied to a variety of career options. Courses range from the beginning level through a series of 300- and 400-level courses that allow students to pursue a major or minor in Spanish. All students with more than one year of high school Spanish are required to take an online placement examination. The examination is a requirement for all students regardless of class standing.

All students should take an online placement exam to determine their placement.

For all Arts and Sciences|Maxwell students, successful completion of a bachelor’s degree in this major requires a minimum of 120 credits, 96 of which must be Arts and Sciences|Maxwell credits, completion of the Liberal Arts Core requirements, and the requirements for this major that are listed below.

Dual Enrollments:

Students dually enrolled in Newhouse* and Arts and Sciences|Maxwell will complete a minimum of 122 credits, with at least 90 credits in Arts and Sciences|Maxwell coursework and an Arts and Sciences|Maxwell major.

*Students dually enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences|Maxwell as first year students must complete the Liberal Arts Core. Students who transfer to the dual program after their first year as singly enrolled students in the Newhouse School will satisfy general requirements for the dual degree program by completing the Newhouse Core Requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the ability to narrate and describe in the major time frames with good control of aspect

2. Comprehend narrative and descriptive (written and oral) texts of any length

3. Demonstrate narration and description with detail in the major time frames of past, present and future in Spanish

4. Demonstrate cultural awareness of the specificity of the different areas of study

5. Analyze and comprehend linguistic manifestations of the Spanish-speaking world

6. Analyze and critique literary texts of the Spanish-speaking world

Major Requirements

The major in Spanish consists of 30 credits in upper division courses taught in Spanish. Three out of the four credits from SPA 202 may be applied toward those 30 credits, if SPA 202 is taken on the Syracuse University campus. SPA 202 is not required if a student’s placement through the online placement exam is higher than SPA 202.

SPA 301 - Approaches to Reading Texts  is a requirement for all majors and minors. It is recommended, but not required, that students take SPA 301  immediately following SPA 202  and before entering any 400-level course. At least 6 credits of 300-level courses should be taken before entering the 400 level, but it is not a requirement. Four courses (12 credits) are required at the 400 level and must include the following distribution:

1 course in Spanish Peninsular Literature and Culture, 1 course in Latin American Literature and Culture, 1 course in Latino Literature and Culture, and 1 course in Spanish Linguistics. Courses with the number 400 are special topics courses and will be accepted as distribution requirements according to the course title. Courses offered through Syracuse Abroad in Madrid and in Santiago, Chile that have been approved by the Spanish program will be accepted for distribution requirements. At least 15 credits of SPA coursework must be taken on the Syracuse campus.

400-Level Courses in Fulfillment of the Major

Capstone Project or Internship Option

In substitution for three of the elective credits, students with at least 24 credits in the Spanish major and with B+ or better average in Spanish courses may prepare a capstone project or do an internship under the supervision of a Spanish Program faculty member following the guidelines of the program, and on a topic approved by the Program.

Study Abroad

To become fluent in the language and to learn about other cultures and people, students are encouraged to study abroad for a semester or a year. Syracuse University’s programs in Madrid, Spain and Santiago de Chile allow students to take fully accredited courses in Spanish language and literature, anthropology, fine arts, history, political science, and public communication. Students should take all of their courses in Spanish. Students choosing Spanish as a major are encouraged to take advantage of the study abroad program in Madrid or Santiago. Through the Dominican Republic Consortium students also have the opportunity to study in the Caribbean. For further information, contact the Spanish program coordinator or Syracuse University Abroad, 106 Walnut Place.


All students need to take the online placement exam to determine their appropriate level before entering a Spanish course.

Students, including transfers, with credits earned in Spanish, should consult the major advisor of Spanish as early as possible. Early consultation is also important for students with little or no preparation in Spanish so they may be sure to satisfy requirements within four years.

At least 15 credits of SPA coursework must be taken on the Syracuse campus.

No course taken as a PASS/FAIL course counts towards the major.

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