2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 16, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Health and Exercise Science, BS

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Tiago Barreira, Director of Undergraduate Programs, 430 White Hall, 315-443-5588, tvbarrei@syr.edu

The B.S. degree in health and exercise science allows students to gain experience with, and understanding of, the physiological, mechanical, and psychological aspects of physical activity and health-related behavior.

This program in the Department of Exercise Science examines all aspects of human
performance including a background in natural sciences, human physiology, anatomy,
metabolic and muscular systems, and research and testing protocols. There are three paths available for this program:

  1. The general health and exercise science path prepares students for careers in community or corporate fitness, clinical physiology, medicine, sports medicine, research, public health, and a wide range of clinical health-related professions.
  2. The pre-physical therapy path allows students to complete some  requirements for graduate study in physical therapy or related areas as a part of their undergraduate degree, with a modified version of the general track via advising.
  3. The 3+3 DPT program allows student to complete both their undergraduate degree and their physical therapy doctoral degree (DPT) in SIX years rather than seven. Students accepted into the 3+3 DPT Early Assurance program have guaranteed acceptance into SUNY Upstate’s DPT program providing they have met all conditions outlined in their acceptance letter. This program requires that students apply to both Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University at the  same time, indicating to both Universities that they wish to be in the 3+3  DPT program.

Criteria for IUT into the Health and Exercise Science, BS Program

Syracuse University students interested in an intra-University transfer into the Health and Exercise Science, BS program must meet the intra-University transfer requirements. To be considered eligible to transfer, students must:

  1. Have a minimum of 3.2 GPA
  2. Have completed a minimum of 15 credit hours at Syracuse University
  3. Have already completed EXE 195 with a B or better

Students who meet the above criteria must then complete the following:

  1. Complete the IUT form
  2. Provide a Curriculum Vitae
  3. Attend an information session
  4. Meet with an academic advisor or program director

Students who meet the criteria listed above will only be accepted into the Health and Exercise Science, BS program on a space available basis, based on current program enrollment.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Synthesize principles from the natural sciences, including the life-sciences, chemistry, and mathematics, to Health and Exercise Science.

2. Explain human physiological function and anatomy.

3. Illustrate how metabolic, muscle, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems underlie human physical performance.

4. Interpret and critique research findings in the exercise sciences.

5. Demonstrate basic exercise testing protocols that are used to measure human performance in the laboratory.

Program Requirements

Liberal Arts Requirements

Social Sciences (6 credits)

Liberal Arts Electives (9 credits)

University Requirement

In addition to FYS 101, the BS in Health and Exercise Science requires completion of an IDEA course (chosen from a select list) - The IDEA course may count as a liberal arts, departmental course, or elective depending on the course chosen. Please see the undergraduate course catalog for a full listing of IDEA Courses .

General Electives - 18 credits

Total Credits 125

Note for Pre-PT Track:

Students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Physical Therapy (and not interested in following the 3+3 program described below) should work closely with their academic advisor to choose elective coursework to meet the prerequisite coursework requirements to apply to graduate school.

The 3+3 DPT Program with SUNY Upstate Medical University

This program requires that students apply to both Syracuse University and SUNY Upstate Medical University at the  same time, indicating to both Universities that they wish to be in the 3+3  DPT program.  Students who are accepted into the 3+3 program must work with their academic advisor to ensure proper course sequencing to be ready to begin graduate study during their 4th year.  Fourth year SUNY Upstate Medical University courses will count in lieu of EXE electives and general electives in the Health and Exercise Science BS program. For further information regarding the 3+3 program, please visit https://www.upstate.edu/chp/programs/pt/how-to-apply/early_3-3_chp.php ​​​​​​​

Total Credits 128

SU Credits: 94

SUNY Upstate credits: 34

Total Credits: 128

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