2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Cybersecurity Administration, BPS

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Associate Dean: 

Ryan O. Williams, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
College of Professional Studies, rywillia@syr.edu

Program Director: 

Steve Wallace, Professor of Practice
 College of Professional Studies, swalla02@syr.edu

Program Questions, contact the College of Professional Studies at 315-443-9378, or email parttime@syr.edu


The Bachelor of Professional Studies major in Cybersecurity Administration encompasses the protection of information systems and the leadership skills needed in this fast growing field. Cybersecurity is the science and practice of protecting information by preventing, detecting, and responding to attacks and an essential part of any corporate or government plan.  With the rising need for more advancement in protecting our national and personal security from online intrusions there is a call from government and corporate areas to have specialists, administrators and leaders trained in this field. This degree will provide students with the skills needed to manage people and technologies required to protect information, information systems, and infrastructures.

The program will be an online bachelor’s degree that is geared towards continuing education students who will work on the degree part time.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate organizational, and information system vulnerabilities by employing technological, analytical, communication, and critical thinking skills.

2. Create effective solutions to minimize cybersecurity security risks balancing those risks against business and organizational requirements.

3. Apply codes of conduct that are consistent with ethical standards, in relation to information and cybersecurity systems, strategies, plans and operations.

4. Apply cybersecurity strategies, policies, and procedures to information and cybersecurity systems in both the short and long term.

Liberal Studies Core - 30-33 credits

The Liberal Studies Core gives a foundation in writing, language or quantitative skills, humanities, social science, natural science, and critical reflections. It draws upon lower-division courses in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Writing (Choose 6 credits)

  • Quantitative Skills (choose 6-8 credits)

    Choose Quantitative Skills Sequence Requirement outlined in the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook.

  • Humanities (Choose 6 credits)

    Any course listed in the Humanities Division of the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook.

    Social Science (Choose 6 credits)

    Any course listed in the Social Science Division of the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook.

    Natural Science (Choose 3-4 credits)

    Any course listed in the Natural Science Division of the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook.

    Critical Reflections on Ethical and Social Issues (Choose 3 credits)

    Any course listed in the Critical Reflections on Ethical and Social Issues Division of the Liberal Arts Core Guidebook.

Students are required to select one Liberal Arts Core Course that meets the IDEA requirement

Professional Competencies Core - 30 credits

The Professional Competencies Core covers fundamental knowledge and abilities required in the modern workplace, such as ethics and critical thinking, problem solving, human relations, diversity and change management, budgeting and resource management, and teamwork. The Professional Competencies Core includes an introductory course, and a capstone experience required of all B.P.S. students. Designed to draw together issues from across the entire B.P.S. program, these courses summarize concepts covered in the curriculum and develop students’ skills in strategic decision-making that looks to the future.

Electives - 27 - 30 credits


The degree is administered by the College of Professional Studies. Each student should consult with their Academic Advisor to structure a plan for degree completion.

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