2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 12, 2024  
2024-2025 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Applied Data Analytics, BS

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Laurie Ferger
Program Director 
(315) 443-2911


The School of Information Studies offers a bachelor of science degree (B.S.) in Applied Data Analytics.  As data and technology become increasingly fundamental to how businesses operate, understanding how to derive, communicate, and apply data-driven insights to organizational problems is an in-demand skill set that will give you an advantage over other graduates in your field.

Every industry and profession needs graduates who can use data to deepen their knowledge, further their research, and make better business decisions. That is why our Bachelor of Science in Applied Data Analytics is so popular with our students, our faculty, and our corporate partners.  It is a program with a strong emphasis on the applications of data science to enterprise operations and processes, particularly in the areas of data capture, management, analysis and communication for decision making.

Student Learning Outcomes

In addition to the comprehensive iSchool Bachelor of Science learning outcomes students are expected to achieve in the course of earning their Bachelor’s degree, students in the Applied Data Analytics major at the iSchool are also expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Use data-driven approaches (e.g., visual, quantitative, qualitative, and computational) to generate insight from data, across a range of contexts (e.g., societal, business, political).
  • Examine how individuals, organizations and society are created and impacted by data and machine learning models.
  • Utilize data science development tools to support the full analytics life cycle.

iSchool Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements- Applied Data Analytics

The B.S. degree in Applied Data Analytics requires 120 credits, distributed as indicated below.

Applied Data Analytics Curriculum: 30-31 credits

Concentrations and Electives: 15 credits

Students must complete five additional iSchool courses to fulfill their ADA elective requirement.  Students in this program are not required to complete a concentration but may choose to do so.  Completing a concentration allows students to select course work that matches their professional interests and planned career paths.

When choosing iSchool electives, students may complete one iSchool concentration or obtain a minor outside the iSchool that leverages the use of analytics (e.g., Sport Analytics, Business Analytics, Computer Science, Applied Statistics, Economics).  Students who choose to obtain a minor (or double major) outside the iSchool can petition to count two advanced analytical focused courses as part of their 15 credit iSchool electives.

Students may petition the Undergraduate Program Director to approve three courses to be considered a concentration in an area of interest that is not shown in the official list of concentrations. These three courses must provide depth in an area of study.

Courses cannot be used to satisfy a core requirement, concentration, and an IST elective.  Students who choose to pursue a concentration can select from one of the following below.  Please note that each concentration has one or more required courses.

Students must declare their concentration in the spring semester of Sophomore year.

Digital Retail Strategies Concentration

Students who pursue the 18-credit Digital Retail Strategies concentration will be required to take three RMT courses and one additional IST elective, as RMT classes do not count towards the 15 credit IST elective requirement.

Innovation, Design, and Startups Concentration

All three IDS courses below are required.

University Wide Requirements

The iSchool participates in students’ knowledge and skill development through the Shared Competencies, Syracuse University’s institutional learning goals that highlight the knowledge and skills students can expect to gain through their major courses, liberal arts requirements and co-curricular activities.

All incoming and external transfer students are required to take FYS101, a 1-credit course.


All incoming and transfer students are required to take a 3-credit IDEA course that can be selected from the approved IDEA Course Requirement list .

IST courses appearing on the approved IDEA course requirement list may be taken to fulfill both the IDEA requirement and/or a core or concentration requirement.

Skills Electives: 15-17 credits

Programming Skills

Students are required to complete the computer programming course listed below.  Petitions will not be accepted to substitute IST256.

Quantitative Skills: 6-8 credits

Students are required to attain minimum competence in mathematics by completing the quantitative skills requirement of the Liberal Art Core curriculum of the College of Arts and Sciences.

All ADA majors are required to attain minimum competence in mathematics. Students should take the following:

MAT 121 / 122 Probability and Statistics for the Liberal Arts


MAT 221 / 222  Elementary Probability and Statistics.

Arts & Sciences Divisional Requirements: 12 courses, minimum 36 credits

Students are required to take three courses in each of the three divisions of the Arts and Sciences-Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Humanities. In addition, three courses in any of the divisions must be completed to fulfill this requirement.

Students are required to complete a minimum of 60 credits of coursework in the College of Arts & Sciences. Courses from Communication Skills, Quantitative Skills and A&S Divisional Requirements will all count towards the A&S minimum credit requirement. Additional A&S courses will be required to reach the 60 credit minimum requirement.

General Electives: 21-24 credits

Students need 120 credits to graduate from Syracuse University.  If after meeting all program and University requirements, the student is still lacking to meet the 120 credits needed for graduation, students can take any undergraduate Syracuse University course to reach the graduation credits total.  Students can concentrate on a minor, a dual degree, a combined degree, an internship experience, or study abroad to reach the minimum of 120 credits required for graduation. 

Courses appearing on the approved IDEA course requirement list may be taken to fulfill both requirements: General elective and IDEA.

International Experience

Students will be required to complete one international experience to graduate with their iSchool undergraduate degree. iSchool Immersion courses that require domestic travel do not fulfull this requirement. Students can fulfill their international requirement in one of the following ways:

  • Semester abroad
  • University exchange
  • Short term abroad program
  • International Internship
  • Coursework (6 credits from approved list)
  • Approved international component - by petition

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