2022-2023 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Feb 06, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Course Catalog

Cloud Management, CAS






The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Cloud Management comprises three tracks: cloud solutions management, cloud data management, and cloud networking and security management. The CAS is designed to equip students with the skills necessary for careers focused on cloud management, administration and policy.  Students must complete one 3-credit primary core course and four additional courses to complete the CAS.

The CAS is available to those with or without prior experience in the information technology field. Applicants may be currently working in a related field, or they may be interested in making a career change into the cloud computing field. The certificate also provides an opportunity for professional development and serves as a foundation for career advancement.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Analyze technical and policy issues, ethics, and diverse user behavior that either impact or are impacted by cloud computing
  2. Plan, design, prototype, provision, implement, manage, evaluate, visualize, and explain cloud solutions architecture, cloud data architecture, and cloud networking and security applications in enterprise computing environments
  3. Manage the complex interactions between technical cloud computing and digital transformation strategy in the modern enterprise  
  4. Develop and deliver effective professional communications for diverse target audiences

Primary Core (3 credits)

Secondary Focus Areas (12 credits)

Students choose the remainder of their classes from one focus area below.  Each focus area has one or two additional required courses that need to be completed, as well as a list of electives from which students need to choose the remainder of their classes from.  Pre-requisites will be enforced.

Cloud Solutions Management

Students must complete two required courses in this focus area: IST 643 and IST 714.  The other remaining classes come from the list of electives.

Cloud Data Management

Students must complete two required courses in this focus area: IST 643 and IST 722.  The other remaining classes come from the list of electives.  IST 700: Selected Topics, must be a class related to the topic of deep learning and students are required to submit a petition prior to registration of the class, subject to program director approval

Cloud Networking and Security Management

Students must complete one required course in this focus area: IST 725.  The other remaining classes come from the list of electives.