2022-2023 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Dec 07, 2022  
2022-2023 Graduate Course Catalog

Performance, MM

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José “Peppie” Calvar, Chair, Department of Applied Music and Performance
302 Crouse College, 315-443-4106, jcalvar@syr.edu


Voice:  Janet Brown, Julia Ebner, Eric Johnson, Kathleen Roland-Silverstein, Julianna Sabol, Martha Sutter

Piano:  Scott Cuellar, Steven Heyman, Fred Karpoff, Milton Laufer, Ida Tili-Trebicka

Organ:  Anne Laver

Strings:  William Knuth - Violin/Viola, Gregory Wood - Cello, Spencer Phillips - String Bass, Kenneth Meyer - Guitar, Elizabeth Ojeda - Harp

Winds and Percussion:  Dana DiGennaro - Flute, Alina Plourde - Oboe, Jill Coggiola - Clarinet, Anne Kunkle - Saxophone, Blaire Koerner - Bassoon, Jon Garland - Horn, John Raschella - Trumpet, Corey Wallace - Trombone, Michael Coldren - Euphonium/Tuba, Michael W. Bull - Percussion


The M.Mus. degree program in performance is offered for students who wish to further their studies in piano, organ, strings, wind instruments, percussion, or voice. In addition to private lesson study and ensemble performance, all graduate students are required to complete a core sequence of courses in research and music theory as well as a required selection of coursework in music history, pedagogy, and applied music that is specific to the area of study. Two recitals are required (2 credits), typically with one completed in each year of study. Convocation attendance and ensemble participation are required for all full-time graduate students. Graduate students are required to complete 36 graduate credits beyond the baccalaureate and normally four semesters in residence.

The program promotes the attainment of high levels of performance and a solid grasp of general musical knowledge as demonstrated by a two-part terminal project for the performance degree in which the candidate performs in two major public appearances. One is a solo recital; the second may be another solo recital, an ensemble recital, a performance of a major concerto with orchestra, or a lecture recital on a subject relevant to the student’s major instrument. Written and oral comprehensive examinations must be completed during the final semester.

Student Learning Outcomes

Music Research (Graduate Sequence):
a. conduct research studies and utilize findings in fields of artistic or pedagogical practice.

Harmony and Analysis (Graduate Sequence):

a. identify/describe advanced elements and organizational patterns of music and their aural and verbal analysis.

b. identify/describe advanced musical forms, processes, and structures.

Comprehensive Exam/Thesis/Lecture Recital (Graduate Sequence):

a. create and present a culminating demonstration integrating research and practice.

Performance Major Graduate Recital I:

a. demonstrate skills for functional and artistic self-expression at the appropriate level.

b. demonstrate the ability to perform a cross-section of repertoire.

Performance Major Graduate Recital II:

a. demonstrate skills for functional and artistic self-expression at the appropriate level.

b. demonstrate the ability to perform a cross-section of repertoire.

Program Requirements

Required Core Sequence: 9 credits

Required Area-Specific Courses and Electives: 13 credits

Applied Music/Pedagogy/Music History & Literature/Diction (5-11 credits)

Select applied, pedagogy, music history & literature, and (if voice) diction courses listed below specific to principal performance area; if required course credits fall below 11 the balance of credits is moved to Electives below

MHL 622 - Western Musical Styles/Electives (2-8 credits)

MHL 622 - Western Musical Styles may be required or optional pending diagnostic results; otherwise, remaining credits in this area are elective and include balance of credits from above

Principal Performance Area: 8 credits

Four semesters of 2-credit lessons

Ensembles: 4 credits

Large or small ensembles are required for each semester in residence as a full-time student

Weekly Student Convocations: 0 credits

Required for each semester in residence as a full-time student

Recitals: 2 credits

Total Credits Required: 36

Degree Awarded: MM Performance

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