2022-2023 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Jan 28, 2023  
2022-2023 Graduate Course Catalog

Childhood Education (1-6) Preparation, MS


Christine Ashby, ceashby@syr.edu
George Theoharis, gtheohar@syr.edu


This preparation program in childhood education is for individuals with bachelor’s degrees in appropriate fields other than education who wish to become certified (grades 1-6) as part of their graduate program. This 38-credit program emphasizes fieldwork in 4-5 different, diverse locations, promoting inclusive and culturally responsive pedagogy, and use of technology to support meaningful engagement of all learners. Because the program begins in the first summer session (May) only and requires full-time study for 14-16 months, students benefit by going through program courses with a cohort of other Childhood Education students. Revision to the sequence of program courses is under discussion. 

Total Credits: 38

Also Required:

Workshops in violence prevention, child abuse and abduction, substance abuse, the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), and school and fire safety.

An intensive examination is also completed at the end of the program. 

Liberal Arts Course Requirements

The requirements of this program include several undergraduate content concentration and distribution courses. All require no less than a C grade: some require B- or better grades. It is not unusual that an applicant will have one or more of these courses left to take. These do not need to be completed before applying and may be taken at an institution other than Syracuse University. However, some of the courses need to be done before starting the graduate program, and all must be finished before a degree can be granted. We help prospective students identify appropriate courses. Interested students should email one of the program contacts or School of Education admissions staff as early as possible (including before applying) to have unofficial transcrips reviewed against the liberal arts requirements. This allows more time to enroll in needed courses. 

Liberal Arts Concentration

Liberal arts concentration or major of at least 30 semester hours, with 15-18 credits (depending on the concentration area) at the upper division level. Our program does admit students with college majors in non-liberal arts areas. During the transcript review process, we will determine what the best concentration choice is, begin to construct the concentration and notify students if more courses need to be taken. If appropriate, these courses may also be used to meet the distribution course requirements listed below. 

Distribution Courses

1 Writing course (B- or better grade)

2 Mathematics courses (no grade less than a C, and the two grades averaging a B- or better)

2 Natural Sciences with laboratories (no grade less than a C, and the two grades averaging a B- or better)

2 courses from Social Sciences (not psychology, and at least one course that isn’t history)

2 courses from Humanities (at least one course that isn’t arts related or history)

1 course emphasizing Artistic Expressions

1 History course and two courses emphasizing human diversity. These can overlap with the social science, humanities or artistic expression courses listed above. 

1 course in a Language other than English including American Sign Language (completion of high school Level 3 or higher may be substituted.