2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jun 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Linguistic Studies, BA



Amanda Brown
323C H.B. Crouse

Undergraduate Advisor

Christopher R. Green
330 H.B. Crouse


Tej K. Bhatia, Amanda Brown, Christopher R. Green, Gerald R. Greenberg, Diane Grimes, Rania Habib, Jaklin Kornfilt, Amy Lutz, Corrine Occhino, Kenji Oda, Jonathan Preston, Michael Rieppel, Amardo Rodriguez, Robert A. Rubinstein, Sylvia Sierra, Adam Roth Singerman, Maria Emma Ticio Quesada, Robert Van Gulick

Linguistics is the study of the nature and use of language and provides insight into the workings of the human mind. The major ties together studies in many areas, such as anthropology, child and family studies, computer science, English and other languages, geography, literary criticism, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, speech communication, speech pathology, and linguistics proper.

LIN 201  is an introduction to linguistic studies and is a prerequisite to the major and to advanced courses. It does not, however, count toward major requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Evaluate claims about human communication and about the innate language competence in humans

2. Explain the scientific basis of specific languages and the universal principles that underlie the knowledge of all languages

3. Classify social, psychological and biological aspects of language including language and thought, language acquisition, the representation of language in the human nervous system, disordered language, speech production

4. Describe the role of language in culture and society

5. Analyze the history and structure of one or more particular languages

6. Apply the relevance of all of the above to the practice of language pedagogy

Major Requirements

Linguistic studies majors and prospective majors must consult the director of the program before registration.

Students must fulfill the Liberal Arts Core Language Skills requirement in one language and successfully complete at least 6 credits in an additional language (other than English) that is structurally significantly different from the language used to fulfill the Liberal Arts Core requirement. The following pairs of languages cannot be used to fulfill this requirement: Korean/Japanese, Russian/Polish, Arabic/Hebrew. No pair of languages from the following group may be used to fulfill this requirement: Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/French/Latin.

In addition, students successfully complete three core courses LIN 301 - Introductory Linguistic Analysis , LIN 431 - Phonological Analysis , and LIN 441 - Syntactic Analysis . Major requirements also include the successful completion of at least 18 credits of additional work, of which at least 9 credits are in courses numbered 300 or above. The 18 credits must be in approved linguistic studies courses, chosen from at least three of the following groups: