2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 21, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health and Exercise Science, BS


Tiago Barreira, Director of Undergraduate Programs, 100 Women’s Building, 315-443-5588, tvbarrei@syr.edu

The B.S. degree in health and exercise science offers study in the physiological, mechanical, and psychological aspects of physical activity and health behavior. There are three tracks from which to choose in health and exercise science:

  1. The general health and exercise science track prepares students for careers in community health and fitness, corporate fitness, clinical physiology, research, medicine, sports medicine and others.
  2. The pre-physical therapy track allows students the opportunity to interchange some courses in order to meet the requirements of graduate study in physical therapy (DPT) while still leaving options open to the other possible career paths listed above.
  3. The third track, the 3+3 program with SUNY Upstate Medical University, allows students the opportunity to spend three years in our health and exercise science program focusing on physical therapy preparation, and then continue with three years in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program at SUNY Upstate. Students transfer the first year of credits taken from SUNY Upstate to SU, which then completes their fourth year at SU and grants them a B.S. degree in health and exercise science. Please note that this track has specific admissions requirements, described in more detail below.  It is not an option available to current SU students or students transferring to SU from another college or university.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Synthesize principles from the natural sciences, including the life-sciences, chemistry, and mathematics, to Health and Exercise Science.

2. Explain human physiological function and anatomy.

3. Illustrate how metabolic, muscle, cardiovascular, and pulmonary systems underlie human physical performance.

4. Interpret and critique research findings in the exercise sciences.

5. Demonstrate basic exercise testing protocols that are used to measure human performance in the laboratory.

Program Requirements

University Requirement

In addition to FYS 101, the BS in Health and Exercise Science requires completion of an IDEA course (chosen from a select list) - The IDEA course may count as a liberal arts, departmental course, or elective depending on the course chosen. Please see the undergraduate course catalog for a full listing of IDEA Courses .


  • Two approved humanities or social science electives (6 credits)
  • Two approved Arts and Sciences electives (6 credits)
  • Three open electives (9 credits)

Total Credits 125

Note for Pre-PT Track:

Students interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Physical Therapy (and not interested in following the 3+3 program described below) will take 8 credits of physics (includes labs) and 3 credits of child psychology, as required for entrance into physical therapy graduate level programs. These alternate classes will fill elective slots in the exercise science undergraduate track.

Students follow the general track listed above, with some changes:

The 3+3 DPT Program with SUNY Upstate Medical University

Health and Exercise Science Requirements for the 3+3 DPT Program with SUNY Upstate Medical University follows a more consolidated course sequence, described below:

Outline of Course Requirements for Years One, Two, and Three

Semester One

PSY 205 Foundation Human Behavior - 3
WRT 105 Writing Studio I - 3
BIO 121 General Biology - 4
EXE 195 Intro to Ex. Science - 3
CHE 106 General Chemistry - 3
CHE 107 General Chemistry Lab - 1

Total                                            17

Semester Two

Hum or Soc. Sci Elective - 3
BIO 123 General Biology - 3
BIO 124 General Biology Lab - 1
CHE 116 General Chemistry - 3
CHE 117 General Chemistry Lab - 1
MAT 194 Pre Calc OR
MAT 285 Cal/Soc. & Life Sci I - 4 or 3
EXE Elective - 3

Total                                             17/18

Semester Three

BIO 216 Anatomy & Physiology I - 4
EXE 464 Internship in Exercise Science - 3
General Elective - 3
Hum or Soc Sci Elective - 3
MAT 221 Statistics - 3
A&S Elective - 3

Total                                            16    

Semester Four

BIO 217 Anatomy & Physiology II - 4
EXE Elective - 3
WRT 205 Writing Studio II - 3
NSD 225 Nutrition in Health - 3
EXE 338 Advanced First Aid & CPR - 2
EXE 464 Internship in Exercise Science - 1

Total                                            16

Semester Five

PSY 315 Drugs & Human Behavior - 3          
PSY 335 Psychology of Childhood - 3          
EXE 439 Physiology of Exercise - 3        
EXE 464 Internship in Exercise Science - 1        
PHY 101 Major Concepts of Physics - 4        
EXE 5…Elective - 3                                                                               

Total                                             17        

 Semester Six

 EXE 5…Elective - 3
 EXE 5…Elective - 3
 EXE 385 Motor Dev. Across Life Span - 3
 PHY 102 Major Concepts of Physics - 4
 EXE 436 Sci. Principles of Conditioning - 3

Total                                            16

The undergraduate academic calendar can be found on Syracuse University’s website: http://www.syr.edu/publications/undergradcat/

Senior Year SUNY Upstate Medical University

  • PHYT 601 - Gross Anatomy (6 credits)
  • PHYT 621 - Foundations Patient/Client Management (3 credits)
  • PHYT 611 - Bioscience I (5 credits)
  • PHYT 612 - Bioscience II (2 credits)
  • PHYT 625 - Movement Analysis I (4 credits)
  • PHYT 605 - Neuroscience (6 credits)
  • PHYT 616 - Interventions II (2 credits)

Total Credits 127

SU Credits: 99

SUNY Upstate credits: 28

Total Credits: 127