2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Mar 28, 2023  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog

Art Photography Minor


Yasser Aggour, Program Coordinator
102 Shaffer Art Building, 315-443-1033, yaggour@syr.edu


The minor in art photography extends the opportunity to learn the foundations of traditional and digital photography, while exploring the creative potentials of the medium.

All minor students are trained to use a wide array of camera formats while learning both darkroom and digital processes. Students with a strong personnel vision are invited to participate in seminar classes along with our majors. These courses provide an intense critique environment terminating in the production of a professional-level portfolio. Students more interested in the historical, theoretical, and non-traditional perspectives of photography may choose from a menu of electives. Image making has a prominent role in book, installation, conceptual, and performance art - our courses reflect the multifaceted nature of contemporary photography.