2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Recording and Entertainment Industries, BS


226 Smith Hall, 315-443-1388

Bill Werde, Director, Bandier Program, bwerde@syr.edu

Lisa Steele, Managing Director, Bandier Program, llsteele@syr.edu


Ulf Oesterle, Michelle Santosuosso, William Werde


The Bandier Program in Recording and Entertainment Industries is a multidisciplinary program that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree, and includes an understanding of music, communications, business, and entrepreneurship. It provides a global view of music and its role in entertainment media, with a focus on emerging trends and technologies and the ways in which these shape careers, as well as best practices in the music business. In addition to the Newhouse core curriculum, the program relies on coursework in the Whitman School of Management, the Setnor School of Music, and the College of Arts and Sciences. This program draws the top executives in the music business as guest lecturers on a weekly basis, and embraces a hands-on approach to learning the business, structured around three internships and a project/portfolio-based capstone project. Using industry-leading alumni and friends, plus the University’s vast resources, this unique program prepares students to compete in the fast-paced, ever-evolving entertainment industry. The Bandier Program has been designed with input from some of the most respected executives in music and entertainment. These high-ranking leaders, many of whom are alumni, are committed to ongoing involvement with the Bandier Program.


Student Learning Outcomes

Students in the Recording and Entertainment Industries program are expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify the principles and law of rights and usage as they pertain to the music industry, including publishing, recording and live performances
  • Apply theories and concepts of design and visual communications to the use and presentation of images and information
  • Apply tools and technologies appropriate for the music industry
  • Identify professional roles and functions within the music industry
  • Recognize professional ethical principles and best practices within the music industry

Major Requirements


*Students will take BAN 201 for .5 credits for six semesters. The course will include a recitation for Bandier students.

Grammar Competency Requirement

Students must complete a grammar competency as part of their degree requirements. There will be two ways students can satisfy this competency:

  • First, by passing a grammar competency exam during their first semester on campus. The exam will be given twice - once before the end of the first week of classes and a second time prior to registration the next semester.  A passing grade on the exam will fulfill the competency requirement.
  • Secondly, by passing COM 101, a 0-credit grammar course which will be mandatory for students who fail the grammar competency exam.  This course can be repeated until a passing grade is earned and the competency is met.

 Students must meet the grammar competency to receive a degree.

Capstone Requirement (3 credits)

Global Experience Requirement

The Global Experience requirement may be fulfilled by studying abroad or taking an approved class. A list of courses that fulfill this requirement can be found in the Newhouse Guide Book. If a student chooses to take a Newhouse class to fulfill this requirement, the additional Newhouse hours will be added to the 122 credits needed for graduation if the student has reached the Newhouse credit maximum.

Internships (3 credits)

Students are encouraged to take real-life experiences in the form of internships (experience credit), to pursue particular areas of interest within the industry. Students must take three separate internships. These can be a mixture of non-credit and credit, but must total 3 credits of BAN 403  at completion of degree.

Newhouse Electives (3 credits)

Students must complete 3 credits of electives, choosing from courses in the Newhouse School.

Specialization (18 credits)

Instead of a minor, students in the Bandier Program must complete a professionally oriented specialization, which is comprised of courses from the School of Management, the Setnor School of Music, and the Communications and Rhetorical Studies department in the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Total: 42 Newhouse credits required